Question One’s code of conduct is designed to set minimum standards for acceptable behaviour while working for the company. It is vital that we are aware of the dangers of upsetting other individuals in the way that we work. This can result in a loss of business, and cause offence.

Quiz hosts work on a freelance basis and are not employees of Question One Limited (Q1). However, no Quiz host should in any way, deliberately or otherwise, denigrate Q1’s clients, Q1’s employees, or the customers or employees of Q1’s clients.

Quiz host should not act in any way that offends or discriminates on the grounds of, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexuality, gender, physical or mental disability, or age.

The Quiz host shall exercise due caution and sensitivity, consistent with the nature and requirements of speaking publicly, at all times whilst representing Q1. No behaviours that are abusive in any manner to the customers of Q1, directly or indirectly, will be tolerated. This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse, in all its forms.

Quiz hosts should not, deliberately or otherwise, behave in such a way as to bring the reputation of Q1 into disrepute.

Quiz hosts have access to confidential and commercially sensitive information. Quiz hosts must use their professional judgement regarding the confidentiality of such information, bearing in mind the requirements of the relevant legislation concerning fraudulent and dishonest behaviour, and restrictions governed by Q1’s ownership of intellectual property and the commercial interests of Q1. For instance, purposefully providing information designed to help a team win cash or other prizes is fraudulent. The Directors of Q1 should be consulted before decisions are taken concerning the divulgence of any confidential information.

Where complimentary beverages and/or food are offered to Quiz hosts by Q1’s clients, Quiz hosts are reminded that such offerings are entirely at the discretion of Q1’s clients, and furthermore that such offerings are made in goodwill, without obligation, and are not to be expected as a right. Where the management at a venue changes, then it is to be expected by Quiz host that a ‘reset’ occurs such that any former complementary arrangements in place are assumed to be withdrawn unless the new management of the venue explicitly state that such former arrangements are to be continued. For the avoidance of doubt, where such arrangements do continue, they remain entirely at the discretion of Q1’s clients and as such may be withdrawn at any time. You must never ask for, nor expect, free or discounted drink or food from a venue.

Canvassing or soliciting for the purpose of securing an appointment or further employment as a Quiz Host for an organisation other than Q1, whether done directly or through external contacts in the industry gained through association with Q1, is unethical, and is in direct contravention of the Freelance Agreement for Quiz hosts. Quiz hosts are prohibited from engaging in quiz related commerce with Q1’s customers. This includes the purchase and selling of services, goods, information, and materials. This prohibition specifically includes the selling and purchasing, or passing on or forwarding of, quiz materials and related services. Specific individual circumstances can be discussed with the Directors of Question One.

The growth of a friendly relationship between Quiz hosts and Q1’s clients, and their employees or customers, or any members of the public present at the venues at which Q1 is contracted to perform, is desirable and helpful to the business aims of Q1. It is, however, an abuse of this relationship for a Quiz host to:

a. enter into an improper association with a Q1 client or quiz player;
b. show undue personal favour or disfavour towards a Q1 client or quiz player.

No Quiz host should delegate to an unqualified or inexperienced person duties or functions requiring the knowledge and skill of an experienced Quiz host for which they, the Quiz host, are responsible, without the express consent of Q1.

Quiz hosts with responsibility for the mentoring of other Quiz hosts should use their best endeavours to ensure that all trainee Quiz hosts have reasonable knowledge and a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities which are allocated to them, and of the procedures and practices relevant to, and mandated by, Q1. This is to include but is not limited to, the guidance contained in this Code of Conduct.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Directors
Question One Limited

February 2015

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