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Question One's weekly Quiz Nights provide pubs and venues with a great way to get people in the door and pub-goers an entertaining and memorable way to spend a weekday evening. For regular venues, we offer a flexible pricing structure that protects you from low turnouts and rewards us when we bring in the crowds. No other Quiz company backs their performance the way we do!

Question One have years of experience in setting up quizzes, and we provide everything you need to get up and going:

  • A trained Quiz Host
  • A boutique Question One Quiz
  • Audio equipment (microphone, PA system)[^1]
  • Marketing tools including posters, entry tokens and more!

Our quizzes average over 2000 players, nationwide every week, and with our highly competitive rates, we guarantee it won’t be only the customers smiling at the end of the night!

Our Quizzes are designed to test whilst also entertain, with a mix of general knowledge, current affairs, music, media and picture puzzles. We design our Quizzes to appeal to everyone and also offer tailored Quizzes on request.

You can find out more about the types of Quizzes and events we offer, our pricing and marketing offers, and about our company. You can also contact Question One now for an obligation-free presentation at your venue to discuss all the options!

[^1]: Audio equipment can be supplied initially and purchased once the Quiz is established.

Performance and Pricing

Our fee structure is designed in such as way as to limit a venue’s risk should the turnout below, while rewarding both the venue and Question One when we have a good turnout, thus we’re as motivated as you are to bring in the crowds! Our fees vary by the number of players participating, the day of the week and other factors, so please contact us [link!] directly to receive a quote tailored to your pub or venue.

In addition to providing professional quality weekly Quiz Nights, we can help you organise special one-off events such as corporate Quizzes or other games, themed Quizzes written especially for you, cabaret nights or other tailored events. We are also experts at hosting fundraisers that will help your charity or organisation raise the most money possible with special in-game bonuses, and offer discounted rates for charitable causes.

Please contact us and provide details of your event to receive a quote the same day!

Quiz Marketing

Because we’re as keen as having a full pub as you are (because the better you do, the better we do! We will do all we can to market your Quiz Night and fill up those tables!

Included in the price of our weekly Quizzes are:

  • Posters for the venue to advertise the Quiz Night
  • Free entry tokens to entice regulars to show up and participate
  • Assistance with social media marketing for the pubs that hold our Quizzes, including Facebook and Twitter support and event creation (as needed)
  • Marketing on the Question One website
  • A spot on the map on our homepage that lets quiz-goers easily locate your pub!
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