basics Questions

I want to work with you!

When are you coming to Scapa Flow?

We're working on it. If you have a good lead on a venue please email We pay finders fees if we get a quiz established!

Are you looking for new Quizmasters ?

Please fill out an online application or contact us via

Are you looking for question writers ?

Not at this time, but if you have a database of quirky questions we may consider it.

Rules of Quizzing

Can I use my phone during the quiz?

Absolutely not. We are proud to be one of the few remaining human activities that prohibits the use of mobile phones. Phones are also banned in prisons, which is where you will end up if you are caught using a phone during the quiz.

Can I wear Google Glasses during the quiz?

No, and if you wear Google Glasses to a quiz you will be forced to stand on a chair, outside, in the driving rain.

Question One 101

Who are you?

Question One is a UK-based company that hosts Quiz Nights at nearly 100 venues in the UK, Australia and the US. Our format is borne of over 12 years experience and is quite simply designed to inform and entertain.

Why are phones banned?

Phones are banned during the course of the quiz to prevent the ghastly practice of cheating. If you see another player using a phone they will be named, shamed have points deducted. But don't worry, all our quizzes have an interval when you can text your beloved or check your train times...and if you have an emergency, then simply let the quizmaster know.

Does it cost anything?

Yes, entry fees are from £1 but mostly £2.

Do I need to sign up beforehand or can I just show up and play?

You can show up or book a table in advance. Some of our busier quizzes top 100 players so its best to check if you are unfamiliar with the venue. We publicise contact details for each venue on our online quizfinder so do feel free to contact your chosen venue for advice

What’s a pub quiz / trivia night?

Our quiz nights are designed to encourage you to enjoy interacting with other humans. Quiz nights are one of the last human activities where the use of smart-phones and other devices to participate are not allowed. Cherish this freedom! You play with your team of carefully selected experts, pitting your wits against other teams. You decide on a witty team name (Eg: ‘Quiztal Chandeliers’). The Quizmaster delivers 40 carefully curated questions, which are corrected at half-time, with a clear winner decided by the end. In between, there is banter, outrage, cheering, applause and much accusational finger-jabbing.

How difficult is a quiz?

Our quiz is a mix of general knowledge and current affairs questions.

Where can I play the quiz?

At these locations:

Can I play more than one night a week?

Yes, you can play Sunday through to Thursday if you wish. Our quizzes are unique for the night so by all means, go for it!

When are you coming to Chorlton-cum-Hardy?

We're working on it. If you have a good lead on a venue please email We pay finders fees if we get a quiz established!

What can we win?

Cash, bar vouchers, free drinks, bottles of wine, special prizes and of course, bragging rights.

Quizmaster Questions

Are you looking for new Quizmasters?

Always! Please fill out an online application or contact

How do you pay Quizmasters?

Very well, with incentives for increases in player numbers.